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Veggie Pot Pies
A truly American tradition is the Pot Pie. Although everyone
only ever hears of either Chicken Pot Pie or Beef Pot Pie,
The Hippy Gourmet is proud to introduce his Vegan Pot Pie!

The Art of Crust
From a blend of Whole Wheat Flour and hand mixing,
this Pot Pie Crust is phenomenal! It’s light, yet structural,
it cracks with just the perfect tap with the fork, and still
it’s flaky to the palate...phew, you could eat just crust!

Torch it Up!
Torch it up my man! Because Crème Brulee requires it!

This Custard filled dish is not on the Vegan’s top 100 of must have desserts- but for the rest of us who like to indulge a bit...then this is a worthwhile treat! The sugary top that gets blow torched at the end is mesmerizing! Might want to stand back a few feet because...

A Propane torch has to be handled with care!


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