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Pan Seared Tofu
Wow, no body ever told you Tofu could taste so delicious I bet! This dish is so healthy, with Fresh Steamed Vegetables over a bed of Brown Rice and includes a sprinkling of toasted garlic over the top. It's a Vegan delight to be sure! The best part of this dish is that it's a super affordable way to feed a large group of hungry folks, pleasing even the most carnivorous folks.

Chocolate Mousse
Ok, so what's better after a nice, low-fat, high protein dinner like above? See? So now you have a healthy rationalization to indulge in the most rich, the most decadent, chocolaty experience around! Bruce's Chocolate Mousse combines whipped cream and folded layers of scrumptious delight to any dessert table. Make the serving sizes small, because this recipe is super satisfying!


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