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From the Vine to the Brine!
The Art of Pickles

The San Francisco Community Garden is a non-profit group, formerly known as SLUG, but alas lost their funding during the current budget crunch of California. The Hippy Gourmet tours this wonderful Organic Garden, kept alive and flourishing by volunteers and neighbors who value this green, producing space as a cloister of love from an otherwise encroaching urban life. In fact, the garden itself is lodged right in the middle of a very busy roadway, which other than the car and bus noise is unseen through the thickets of blackberry bushes.

Sweet Beans
There are several way to pickle a pickle, and some folks like them sweet. Bruce believes that Beans are the most gourmet vegetable to be Sweet Pickled. So he takes us through the steps of Pickling Beans and in the end, they really are so delectable!
To show our support for this and other open space, urban Organic gardens, Bruce lifts a few Cucumbers, Beans and Herbs all for the good of making us some freshly Pickled Pickles!


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