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Oh it’s such a diverse town San Francisco! The most beautiful, loving, accepting and creative folks on this side of the universe, and what better way to celebrate all this than to visit with the San Francisco Pride Parade! The colors of the rainbow in all it’s glory and stature, raised proudly across the city, could not compare to the majesty of pomp and circumstance that shown across all the faces on this auspicious day! And what better to go with the Pride Parade than Gazpacho! This is an incredible cold soup that includes a chunky blend of Organic Vegetables in a oft spicy Tomato base- it’s cool, it’s refreshing, and it’s flavors range with every magical bite!

Hosted by Teddy Witherington
Teddy Witherington is the Director of the SF Pride Parade and was kind enough to visit with us and tell us about the history of this event, while sharing so much detail about the numerous people and their commitment to Pride and equal rights around the globe! Thanks Teddy!


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