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Blueberry, Pecan Pancakes
When Australian Television calls you up and says they’re coming over for breakfast, what would you make? Well The Hippy Gourmet decided that Blueberry, Pecan Pancakes make the perfect American fair for the folks down under! Bruce shows step by step how to ensure a fluffy pancake every time, and those Fresh, Organic Blueberries and Pecans create a hot, fruity, nutty delight in every bite!

With real Maple Syrup
Ok, so you’re going to have crazy good homemade pancakes and not use only the best Maple Syrup? Don’t be silly! Find the Organic Maple Syrup of your choice and warm it up like Bruce shows you how, mixing in a little of the Butter so you don’t have to waste any time later in that extremely energy inefficient task of buttering your pancakes!
Plus Haight-Ashbury Street Fair
Fun, fun, fun and more fun! We had fortune cookies with customized messages; we had backstage passes with fun giveaways (check your #’s folks if you got one of those, we run a contest each and every week on this site and have given away loads of fun Hippy Gourmet prizes!), and we had our Producer and Director on a bullhorn providing subtle, subliminal thoughts to the 250,000 people who passed by our spot at the Vortex of Haight-Ashbury!


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