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BBQ Trout with a special sauce
Ok so to celebrate little Jasmine arriving on Planet Earth, Bruce makes up a special treat of trout, Barbequed to perfection and then painted with a special green sauce derived from a garden-variety weed that is tangy and fantastic!

Crab Fried Rice
Then Doi takes over and shows us how it’s done, as usual! Doi whips up her magic, standing tall on top of her converted salad bowl/step stool! Creating a Thai, Alaskan King Crab Leg Fried Rice. Now this is the most excellent way known to humanity to extend this normally quite pricey (unless you live in Alaska where they come off the boats) dish! Doi demonstrates the power and versatility of the Wok adding Eggs, to Rice, to Veggies and then Crab, with a quick flick of the wrists it’s all done, and done to perfection!
Bok Choy
The Hippy Gourmet takes the reigns for this one, dicing the ‘Bok out of the Choy’ as it were, and then steaming it just so in the Wok. Fresh, full of vitamins, and yummy!

Ah, another great visit with Doug and Doi Arrison. Only this time they introduced a new character to The Hippy Gourmet Show- little baby Jasmine! Congratulations Doug and Doi, she’s a keeper!


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