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Veggie Lasagna
Mama Mia! The Hippy Gourmet twists and turns the favorite Italian dish of Lasagna through a wormhole and into the alternate universe of using a White Sauce, Spinach Lasagna Pasta and an all star line up of Veggie fillings. Of course there’s cheese, five different kinds and they’re blended in a way that only Bruce knows how, but you will too after watching how he does it!

A Veggie Pasta Extravaganza
This is the Zen in the art of layering folks. The Veggie layers represent the unfolding patterns of natural existence and creation, one layering in over the other with the Spinach Pasta… and the Five Cheeses and White Sauce represents all the good stuff in between!
Featuring the Annual Bay to Breakers Race
This was such an awesome day! Take 300,000 of your closest friends- you know, people that love you and trust you enough to run in the width of San Francisco dressed as Elvis, or Genie, or Uncle Sam, amongst every other imaginable costume, and mix that with just super perfect weather, and you have the annual Bay to Breakers Race. Simply put, the Bay to Breakers Race is a non-profit organization that runs people and floats from the San Francisco Bay to the finish line at the Pacific Ocean. In between they enter the Haight-Ashbury and the domain of The Hippy Gourmet, wherein they are filmed by us!


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