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Jerk-Style Monk Fish
If you’re ever feeling like a Jerk, or just wanting an amazingly spicy and tangy sauce marinade to bring your Monk Fish to life- then check out this recipe! Bruce takes all manner of Caribbean spices and flavors and blends them into this island favorite dish. The complimenting flavors of the Mango-Papaya Chutney and Coconut Rice create the most incredible dance of hot and sweet across the palate, Yah mon! Enjoy!

Mango-Papaya Chutney
Ok so here’s how it goes, if you’re digging Mango and you’re loving Papaya, just imagine the two married together in a ceremony of both blended and chunky forms of themselves! This outrageously orange-red natural fruit combo platter is not only tangy and delicious- it’s just the ticket to cool even the hottest Jerk sauce…just so tasty too!

Coconut Rice
If you’ve never ever never tried Coconut Rice, then you need to try this one! There’s just something about a Jasmine rice dish with Coconut Milk and an assortment of colored raisins, cooked just so, that you feel like you could just have that for the main course! Righteous dude!

Sautéed Veggies
Just when you thought the plate was complete with flavors, colors, textures and the ultimate blending of temperatures, Bruce decides to throw in some lightly Sautéed Veggies. Of course after seeing the finished plate with all the spectrum of the rainbow, you realize the method behind the madness.

Located in the Thousand Islands of the West Indies, Dominica is almost 98% undeveloped, providing one of the last known pristine tropical paradises on the planet. Touring the untouched coastline one can see for miles the crystal blue and turquoise waters surrounding this mountainous island outcropping, with only the occasional native fishing family netting their daily meal. Venturing further inland, the rainforest canopy transcends the imagination, revealing an abundance of tropical fruits, nuts and vegetables all free for the picking. Sounds of rushing water in the distance draw us closer still to the Twin Sister Falls that rain its sweet, fresh water down into the Emerald Pool below.


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