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Crunchy, toasted slices of fresh bread, covered in a dab of
Olive Oil, Grated Parmesan Cheese and then topped with a
variety of homespun Hippy Gourmet Bean Dips! What a great
appetizer for the crew of Evening Magazine on Channel 5
CBS-TV as they come to interview us for an upcoming feature!

Grilled Veggies
Actually, these were Oven Roasted Veggies, but for some
reason they were catalogued in the episode as Grilled, so
we kind of stuck with that title. But make no mistake, these
are Oven Roasted Vegetables that range the color and
flavor of the gourmet rainbow, tossed with a little Olive
Oil and spices, then roasted until tender!

Crème De Menthe Cheesecake
It’s a different kind of holiday that features the ‘Luck of the
Four Leaf Clover,’ and other green foods- even though
The Hippy Gourmet never highlights specific holidays because
of the nature of the syndication of our show, this episode he
wanted to make a special Crème De Menthe Cheesecake. It’s
really fluffy and delicious with a hint of mint!

Evening Magazine
As featured on Channel 5, KPIX CBS-TV, Dave Stoelk
comes to interview the phenomenon that is The Hippy Gourmet! This is a really fun day with media on media!


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