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Lentil Soup
Ah Lentils, the magical little bean that could! Served in a
fantastic soup with Carrots, Onions, Garlic and a great blend
of Bruce’s key spices, this Lentil Soup rocks! It’s also a great
source of energy and nutrients when you’re heading out for
a full day of learning about the latest vehicle technologies!

Special Salad
This Special Salad is special because it has some really
crunchy and tasty ingredients that are unique, and yet
perfect for any Salad! Combined with Radishes, Tomatoes
and other happy greens, this episode is the quintessential
Soup and Salad show! Enjoy!

Alternative Car Exposition
Going with the premise that food is fuel, and that natural,
healthy and balanced fuel makes for a good body, mind and
spirit- The Hippy Gourmet takes a ride in some of the latest
Alternative Cars and Vehicles, promoting Electric Cars, Bio-Diesel and Hybrids that are all so good for our planet and future! Plus, they’re really cool!


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