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Fresh Whole Wheat Bread
"Dude, fresh baked bread!" Seriously now, The Hippy Gourmet dives into the central food source of millions of people worldwide- Fresh Bread! Watching Bruce kneed the dough, and then gracefully twist the braids into neatly, criss-crossing patterns is quite hypnotic! Best part is the smell that fills the house with that warm and inviting scent of YES!

Fish Chowder
Made from chunks of fresh White Fish and Bruce's own special Roux, this hearty Fish Chowder is the perfect antidote to any cold and rainy day! It also combines a host of finely sautéed vegetables and a hint of freshly cracked pepper over the top! Enjoy!
Hail Caesar...Salad!
It's creamy, it's cheesy, it's got an oh so mild essence of anchovies, and who could forget the freshly made croutons! Bruce may not know if any of the Roman Emperors ever really ate Caesar Salad, but we all know if they did, it was as lavash a recipe as this one! The dressing is sublime and alone with the bread it would be a whole meal, but add that soup boy and you got a fed family!


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