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Black Beans
One of the staples of Amazonian diet, the Black Beans are a hearty and delicious source of vitamins and protein! In this breathtakingly special episode, The Hippy Gourmet prepares a feast from the heart of a journey 1,000 miles up the Amazon in Brazil! The animals & wildlife, the people and cultures of the majestic Amazon river basin are captivating to witness and enjoy. The Hippy Gourmet goes global!

Going along with he combination of indigenous varieties from
the jungle, Bruce dices up the most liveliest Salas imaginable!
With tree ripened Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers and more, mixed
with minced Cilantro, fresh squeezed Lemon and married for
a few hours refrigerated, we have a real Amazon Salsa for you
here! It’s the colors of our adventure, and all the spice too!

Yucca & Plantains
The starchy food sources of the Brazilian rain forest are truly
life sustaining. Water melted from mountains thousands of miles away, across several borders of other countries flow freely down the Amazon into the Atlantic Ocean. The Yucca and Planate are grown in such conditions and although look Banana-like in appearance, each variety has a very different taste, texture and appeal of it’s own. The Hippy Gourmet is so very proud to have this episode from the Amazon and these dishes are all a tribute to this natural treasure we must all be diligent to protect.


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