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As the Olympia Voyager is a Greek ship, the featured foods
and culture on board are all distinctly Greek in nature and
therefore wonderful all around! Nobody does hospitality
like the Greeks, and we’re honored to have the Ship’s chef
create a beautiful Moussaka for us before our eyes! Yes it
has some ground beef and is not the most fat free of dishes,
but man is it delicious! “Ho-Pah”

The Hippy Gourmet knows a good turn deserves another, so
in tribute to Royal Olympic Cruise lines, Bruce makes his own
version of Baklava, that sweet, crusty, nutty dessert!

Fruit Carving Seminar
On board a working cruise liner, we found the Chef De Partie
who spends his whole day pretty much carving fruit and
vegetables for displays, garnishes and for us, pure drama!
It’s edible art and nothing goes to waste!

Royal Olympic Cruise Lines
Join The Hippy Gourmet as he traverses the globe, heading
directly up the Amazon on the luxurious Olympia Voyager
cruise ship! She is the fastest cruise liner in the world and offers 5 star service and accommodations to some of the most exotic ports of call in the world! Royal Olympic Cruise Lines is a gracious host so this episode is a backstage pass to the whole ship!


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