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Hey you want a nice Gnocchi? Pronounced ‘neo-kee’, this Italian potato dumpling is an art to prepare, and are an extremely filling entree for a lot of people, given a good day in advance to prepare. No worries though, because The Hippy is right there showing how it gets done, dumpling by dumpling! Covered in a tomato marinara it’s something else!

Portobello Mushrooms
Get out your iron skillet, because Bruce is sizzling up
some fresh Portobello Mushrooms! The taste of a good
Portobello is unmistakable, buttery flavor and an almost
meat-like texture make this one of The Hippy’s Favs!
Caesar Salad
Ok, we’re testing you now! How many times do we feature
a Caesar Salad in our episodes...? What can we say, it’s
just that good of a recipe!
Poppy Seed Cake
Whoa, this is a top shelf recipe, brought down to feature
the wonderful Poppy seed! Bruce celebrates the Poppy plant,
the stalk and pod and seeds and all! Then he blends the toasted seeds into a beautiful cake, with a subtle cream filling, powdered sugar toping and individual Raspberry button on top! Key word here is Yum!


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