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Cinnamon Buns
Also known as 'Morning Buns,' or 'you better get the heck out of bed before all these fresh baked Sweet Rolls get eaten by Manny!' The truth is these simple treats are perfect for coffee and tea anytime of the day. Bruce takes you through step-by-step on the process of creating the perfect dough over night, so that waking up never smelled so good!

Orange Trout
Down by the River we go for this fantastic pre-dusk cookout! The Hippy Gourmet proves that any season is the right season to head down to the river and cook up some amazing food. The Orange Trout pan fried to a golden brown and is accompanied by Parsley Potatoes, Pan Steamed Spinach and a garnish of cactus strips, painstakingly de-barbed by Bruce himself!

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