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Key Lime Pie
“Argh Matey! This here’s a tale about a Tall Ship Regatta,
that docks itself right in our fair Bay!” Don’t ask because
The Hippy Gourmet has some kind of strange past-life link
to the swashbuckling Pirate’s of yore! Anyway, he makes a
mean Key Lime Pie that is loaded with real Lime Juice, a
fantastically tasty crust and a dramatic swirling of fresh
Whipped Cream that tops ‘er all off!

You see the cross section here...
and as we all well know, sailors have to eat their citrus,
otherwise all those months at sea can cause a Vitamin
deficiency known as scurvy. Thus the term “Limey” was
coined for the British sailors on the high seas who were
known to carry fresh Limes on them at all times. This
Key Lime Pie is made in this spirit and served with a
strawberry and mint sprig, along with some chopped and
toasted coconut for a topping, “argh” is right matey!

Tall Ships are Amazing!
It’s hard to imagine, but less than a hundred years ago this is how people and merchandise crossed oceans! Gigantic sailing ships known also as Tall Ships, for their tall square rig sails.
Hundreds of people crew these fine vessels, and it is our honor and privilege to serve the Europa some Key Lime Pie on her five and half month journey out from Holland!


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