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Huckleberry Ice Cream
Every season we hike way into the hills along the beautiful
coast of northern California, for at just the exact time of the
year we encounter bushes loaded with fresh Huckleberries. They’re small, dark and very juicy ripened, or a little tart on the green side, but all get cleaned, mashed and included into Freshly Churned Ice Cream right there on the spot! Excellent motivation for a hike if ever there was one!

Huckleberry Linzertorte
Of course we didn’t include all of our Huckleberries into
the communal ice cream, because we knew we wanted to
make this really special Huckleberry Linzertorte when we
got back to the Hippy’s kitchen. What’s great about this
Linzertorte is everything, especially the nifty way Bruce
makes the criss-cross crust.


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