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Chocolate Brownies
In this perfect ‘munchies’ episode, Bruce creates some classic
sweet treats for our friends at 107.7 ‘The Bone’ rock radio in
San Francisco! Kid all you like, but these Chocolate Brownies
are so chewy and full of fresh Walnuts and Pecans that each
bite has something wonderful going on! Then we bring all the
goodies down to the radio station and film Bruce on the Radio!

Peach Cobbler
Made from tree ripened peaches that Bruce actually picks
from his garden in his backyard, this Peach Cobbler doesn’t
get any better or fresher than this! It’s so warm and gushy
with a crust that makes you want to hide the whole pan away!
Rice Crispy Treats
All in good fun, The Hippy Gourmet makes his childhood
favorite, Rice Crispy Treats. Named after the famous cereal
that goes “Snap, Crackle and Pop,” these fun snacks are
held together by structural marshmallows, making them
chewy as well as sturdy!

107.7 The Bone
Knowing full well the ribbing we’d get from being on early morning Rock radio for the Bone Show on 107.7, we decided to bring them in all these wonderful munchies foods and serve ‘em all up a really sweet treat to go with their morning coffee!
Tune into The Hippy Gourmet to find out when he’ll be on the radio again near you!


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