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Some might question the authenticity of the Quesadilla as
gourmet dining, but the way our Hippy makes them, you
better believe their super gourmet! Visiting Lake Tahoe yet
again, we enjoy an incredible day rafting on the Tahoe River
and the warm hospitality of Doi and Doug, as we take over
their kitchen and make a south of the border feast!

Green Salsa
Whoaa that’s a spicy Green Salsa man! Bruce uses Doi’s
Bok Bok to mash up some wild Avocado and hot Green Chilies.
Just a dab on the plate and you’ll know why. For those who
love a picante bite, Bruce’s Green Salsa has your name written all over it!

Grilled Veggies
Cooking outdoors brings in the flavors of nature, and
what better to cook on an open grill than sliced Eggplant,
Onion Rings, Multi-Colored Peppers, Mushrooms and more!

Manny and Dee’s Famous Salsa
Taking over the reigns of the chopping board and knives,
Manny and Dee show us how their special blend of super
fresh ingredients makes for a killer Salsa...Right On!


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