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Shrimp Ravioli
We realize that most all of our episodes feature at
least two recipes, so you’re probably wondering if The Hippy
was slacken for this show. But the truth is that making
your own pasta, rolling it out, working it to the exact
dimensions for a nice Shrimp Ravioli is time consuming,
but well worth the effort!

Bruce uses this opportunity to show off some of his most
artful know-how, fashioning the raw ingredients into
these platforms of perfect flavor! He even pulls out a
pasta cutter to give you all that ‘neato’ hippy fringe on things.

Most of all, there’s nothing more satisfying then making
your own homemade pasta, nothing. Bruce fills the Ravioli
with fresh Shrimp, some pureed, some whole chunks, with a
creamy saffron sauce that is nothing short of captivating!

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