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Summer Fruit Salad
This episode features another great adventure down to the
River, with Manny and Denise and Tasha too! Starting it off
Bruce carves out a half a watermelon, and then proceeds to
fill it with the most mouth watering summer fruit selection you
can imagine! Pineapple, Mango, Cherries, Peaches, Nectarines,
man the list just goes on and on! Gotta love the pineapple top
as matching bookends to this really superb treat!

Mexican Style Corn
If you’ve never tried cooking corn on the cob this way,
The Hippy Gourmet will show you how to stick those ears
right into the edge of the hot coals, using cold water to
help slow cook and smoke the flavor into each kernel! Then,
Bruce takes a juicy lime and some really amazing spices to
coat each piece Mexican Style! Dude it really tastes sweet!

BBQ Tofu
Didn’t know you could BBQ Tofu did you! Well, either did
Manny so that’s ok. Continuing on with the camp fire by the
river theme, Bruce throws on some marinated Tofu slabs, thus
making this a completely Vegan summertime picnic!
Manny likes his well done!


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