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Made from the freshest seafood, cooked to juicy perfection not by heat, but from the actual marinating in the freshly squeezed citrus from Lemon and Lime! The Ceviche is then topped with a delicious salsa blend, made special to compliment the Asian noodle base. Featuring Scallops, Calamari, Baby Shrimp and more, Ceviche is a really incredible dish to prepare if you’re looking for something simple and tasty!

New York Style Pizza
"...Fohgetaboutit!" Yo! No kidding this is the real thing 'ovah' here! Follow Bruce to the Bulk Cheese Store to find out the secrets of making an awesome pizza pie! Two for the price of one, we make a tomato mushroom and pesto version, thin crust that is beyond description! Put it this way, The Hippy Gourmet knows his pizza, New York Style - "when you tried the rest, try the best!"

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