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Mushrooms Stroganoff
This is a truly incredible dish that The Hippy cooks up!
A fresh variety of sliced Mushrooms in a creamy Stroganoff
sauce, prepared over an open fire in a giant skillet! Manny helps build the fire that ultimately leads to this extremely tasty meal-like item. We give Mushrooms Stroganoff a big thumbs up!

Look closely, because This amazing grain called Quinoa is
loaded with all kinds of fantastic textures and subtleties!
Cooked on the stove and then tossed with Scallions, Chopped
Peppers of various colors and more! By itself Quinoa is a
wonderful plate, but combined with the Mushrooms and
Scampi, look out!

Shrimp Scampi
Hey here we go again with The Hippy Gourmet tracing his
Italian ancestry back through his early days in New York!
These Shrimp are plump, farm raised, savory and sizzling hot
from the open fire cookout! With garlic, white wine and a
little butter, “Whoaa... man, that’s a nice Scampi!”


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