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Lavash Sandwiches
Lavash Bread is a thin and sturdy flat bread
that Bruce likes to roll Tuna, Avocado, Cheese & Veggies,
together with a Veggie Version without Tuna- it’s the perfect
hand-held sandwich for venturing to the ocean. Manny, Dee
Tasha and The Hippy Gourmet make it just in time for another
perfect sunset over the Pacific!

Blackened Seafood
The grand après ocean dinner to complete this
episode. Bruce takes you through the cosmic array
of spice mixing for the always Smokey Blackening process.
Make sure you turn your vents on for this one and pull
the battery out of the smoke detector too while you’re at it!

Vegetarian Chili
Ok this is one of our most often requested recipes, because a great Vegetarian Chili like The Hippy Gourmet’s is always so satisfying, so cost effective, and so nourishing for a very large group of hungry mouths.

Fresh Fruit Salad
Sounds simple enough, but can The Hippy really slice and dice
all that beautiful fresh fruit in time for the cast and crew to
make the yummy shot by the beach before sunset? It’s a mad race to get yet another great toothpick food into the day’s meal plan!


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