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Episode #105 - At Pieve di Caminino in Tuscany!

In this episode we visit Tuscany and the Pieve di Caminino, which is an historic Inn that is built upon the ruins of Etruscan and Roman designs, in the heart of Tuscany! Pieve di Caminino offers the truest kind of peacefulness and relaxation, with its panoramic position located on a hillside surrounded by middle age castles you have a view all the way to the sea, with the horizon line marked by the island of Giglio.

We are truly blessed to receive a tour of the site by Dr. Emiliano Marrucchi-Locatelli, who is not only a co-owner of Pieve di Caminino, but is also an historical architect!

The matriarch of the family, Daniela Locatelli takes us on a tour of her side of the family’s incredible contribution to the history of fine art in the world!

Also in this episode, The Hippy Gourmet prepares his version of a very special Tuscan Soup! A true, Tuscan/Vegan treat! Combining white beans, Sage, Garlic and freshly baked Sourdough Bread – layered into a heavenly blend that includes 100% organic Olive Oil!


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