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Episode #102 - In Sardegna, Italy at the Marinedda Hotel and Spa!

We were warmly welcomed by Alessandro Fumagalii, the General Manager of the Marinedda Hotel and Spa who instantly made us a part of his extended family! The kindness and sincerity that appears on everyone’s smile at Marinedda, makes you feel like you’re home.

Here we were very fortunate to have Chef Gianfranco Riccobono prepare us a Seared Red Tuna accompanied by a Fresh Garden Salad, set in a Parmesan and Corn dish. This is a simple, quick and very tasty recipe indeed!

Then we meet Executive Chef Giovanni Lorenzini, who prepares a classic traditional Sardegnian dish called Fregola Sarda with fresh Lobster Chunks in a specially created Parmesan Cheese bowl. Wow! So delicious!

We also enjoy the Delphina/Thalgo health spa, which boasts Thalassotherapy (a kind of sea water and Jacuzzi jet experience that is most healing), and a variety of great massage treatments and therapies as well.


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