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Episode #101 in Sardegna, Italy at Hotel Capo D'Orso!

Arriving on the beautiful Island of Sardegna, we made our way to the absolutely stunning hotel and resort Capo D’Orso!

Built into the side of a gently sloping hill that leads to pristine beaches and coastal access, Capo D’Orso offers some of the most captivating views and scenery on Sardegna!

Capo d'Orso Hotel is located in the Cala Capra Bay - a totally unspoiled corner of Sardinia, approximately four (4) kilometers from Palau and 40 kilometers from Olbia.

Capo d'Orso Hotel is romantic and exclusive, sheltered by wild olives and juniper bushes and encircled by beaches protected from the wind, and has a unique charm. The hotel, elegant in its simplicity, offers a full range of services and excellent restaurant facilities. It was entirely renovated in 2002.

In this show we meet Luca Cagliari the General Manager of Hotel Capo d’orso, who takes us through a wonderful tour of the property and the area surrounding the Archipelago of La Maddalena and the famous Costa Smeralda.

We feature Head Chef Rossi Fernando Augusto, who prepares a fantastic Marinated Tuna on board the majestic sailing yacht Pulcinella! We cruise by sail around the waters off of Sardegna, right in between where Italy meets France off the island of Corsica.

Later that same day, Chef Fernando makes up a sumptuous Veggie Stuffed Pepper with Sardegnian Pecorino Cheese and the famous flat bread of Sardegna called Pane Caresau! Yummy!

We’re also really blessed to have time to spend with the Maitre’d Claudio Romanini, who shows us some of the typical fine wines of the region.

The warmth and hospitality of Italy and Sardegna are reflected in all the big smiles coming from everyone at Hotel Capo d’Orso, who were so kind and generous with their loving spirit! We’re definitely going back there next year!


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