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Jerusalem Artichokes
Growing in abundance in The Hippy Gourmet’s backyard,
Jerusalem Artichokes are actually an edible tuber that Bruce
harvests at the root of these sunflower-like stalks. Bruce takes
buckets of these delightful roots and tosses them in a little hot
oil, along with some spices and then rocks out on a Garlic Aioli
dip! The Garnish you see is also from the garden, including fresh
lettuce and tomatoes (tiny yellow sweet tomatoes).


Tropical Fruit Crepe
Ah, C’est Magnifique! Le Hippy Gourmet makes a batch of
his most delectable Tropical Fruit Crepes. Starring Mango,
Papaya, Organic Strawberries, Orange & Kiwis, amongst other
fantastic co-starring ingredients that make this a yummy
experience all around! Bruce adds a little indulgence of fresh
whipped cream and a sprig of fresh mint from a trip to his
backyard garden.

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